Kija Kim's "Meridian": My Life Journey

Meridian maps the remarkable life of Kija Kim. From growing up during the Korean War, to studying in the United States (at a time when it was virtually unheard of for a young woman to get a graduate degree, let alone in America!), to a difficult marriage and devastating loss— Kija never lets go of her dream to succeed in business and create an authentic and happy life for herself and her children. An inspirational story about family, culture shock, love and grief, and never giving up. Meet Kija Kim, author of "Meridian" and an award-winning entrepreneur and businesswoman who founded Harvard Design and Mapping Company in 1988. Learn about her life altering journey from Seoul, Korea to America, and her impact on the American business and the Asian American communities.

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KIJA KIM is an award-winning entrepreneur and businesswoman. Born in Seoul, Korea, she came to America in 1966 to attend the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. With her background in geography and a keen interest in computer programming, Kija was a pioneer of digital mapping in the mid-1980s and was the Founder and CEO of Harvard Design and Mapping Company (HDM) in Cambridge. Kija has been active within business, government, and Asian communities, serving on the Massachusetts Asian American Commission for twenty years. She was a member of the Republic of Korea’s Oversight Committee for the Three-Year Plan for Economic Innovation, appointed by South Korea’s President, Park Geun-Hye. Kija resides in Naples, Florida, with her husband and has two grown children and three grandchildren. Meridian is her first book. 

Award-winning entrepreneur and businesswoman

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Kija Kim receives 2006 U.S. Small Business of the Year Award for Massachusetts from President Bush
Kija Kim receives 2006 U.S. Small Business of the Year Award for Massachusetts from President Bush


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